20th April 2011

Adaptahaus receives top award for eco-home

An innovative ecological house that was built in west Cumbria and featured on the Channel 4 show “Grand Designs” has won a top industry award.

Alan Dawson’s inspirational Adaptahaus – in Branthwaite, near Workington – was named Best Technical Innovation at the LABC Northern Building Excellence Awards 2011.

Labc Awards

He worked closely with Allerdale Borough Council on the groundbreaking project – where the heavily insulated walls and roof were assembled in his nearby Lillyhall factory to keep costs and the carbon footprint down, before being pieced together on site like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

Alan said: “I’m very, very honoured to receive the award and I hope that this success will serve to make the Adaptahaus initiative even more attractive to potential investors and public funding – especially in the current climate with Britain’s Energy Coast. I’m also very grateful to Allerdale Borough Council for its continued support from the start, which gave me the confidence to push ahead with the plans and see the whole project come to fruition.”

The success of the manufacture and installation of the Adaptahaus resulted from thousands of hours of design time and close consultation with Allerdale Borough Council’s Building Control and Planning teams, consultation with local architects and with many other specialists in the environmental, ecological, insulation and renewable energy sectors.

Robert Doran, Allerdale Borough Council’s principal Building Control surveyor, said: “The LABC award recognises the great effort that has been made by a small company to embrace the new technology which is essential to limit climate change. The quality-controlled factory environment has allowed for a very high quality build with minimal waste and the attention to detail and architectural merit are hugely impressive.

“The building system, which is patent pending, has been applauded by many as the most innovative project ever featured. The many positive comments posted on the Grand Designs website and this subsequent award testify to this.”

Alan said he now hopes to apply the factory-fitted approach to the development of brand new low-cost environmentally-friendly homes across the country – making them more affordable and more attractive to developers.

He added: “At the moment, with traditional builds you can’t make a profit from affordable homes but hopefully this will make it more efficient and worthwhile for developers. Allerdale Borough Council’s Planning and Building Control teams have been fundamental to this build – without them it wouldn’t have happened.”

The LABC Northern Building Excellence Awards were held in Gateshead on Friday 8 April 2011. LABC is the member organisation representing local authority building control departments across England and Wales.